CAS NO: 7722-84-1

Einecs No.: 231-765-0

Molecular Formula: H2O2

Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)


Grade:Food grade and industrial grade

Appearance: Colourless transparent liquid, no odor, miscible.

Application:peroxide H2O2 is a strong and environmental friendly oxidizer. It is used to bleach textile and paper products, manufacture or process foodstuffs, minerals, petrochemicals and consumer products(detergent).it is also used for industrial waste treatment(detoxification).

HS Code: 28470000

H2O2 is a strong oxidizer and will not burn ,but its decomposition liberate oxygen which supports combustion.Contacts with organical substances or some impurities,reducing agent or combustible materirals,H2O2 will decompose rapidly which may cause explosion.Corrosive,cause burns to skin ,eyes, and respiratory tract,Harmful if swallowed or inhaled.

Item 30% 35% 50%
H2O2(m/m)  30%  35%  50%
H2SO4(m/m)%  0.02  0.02  0.02
Evaporation residue(m/m)%  0.005  0.005  0.005
PO4 2- (m/m)%  0.005  0.005  0.005
As(m/m)%  0.0001  0.0001  0.0001
(Pb)%  0.001  0.001  0.001
Fe(m/m)%  0.00005  0.00005  0.00005
Sn(m/m)%  0.001  0.001  0.001



35KG PE Drums, 250KG PE Drums, IBC Drums, or as per customer demand

Cautions during transportion:

Store in a ventilated and cool place , prevent from direct sunshine , heat and combustible substances . If the package is damaged and there’s any spill , use large quantities of water to flush it .Do not store the product on wood pallets or wood floors