To develop a first-class environmentally friendly energy and chemical enterprise in China.

The enterprise will be supported by diversified sectors forming a reasonable industrial structure, with clear property rights and capital structure diversification,

Always pursuing development

Always benefiting all employees

Always pursuing development

Growth is the aim of the enterprise, ensuring that we will adhere to the fundamental guarantee of promoting social and economic development along with the well-being of their employees. We are pursuing safe, clean, and energy-saving development which is comprehensively coordinated and sustainable. All company activities are designed to promote enterprise growth, to change the concept of development, to initiate an innovative development pattern, improve the quality of development, accelerate construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and contribute to the coordinated development of the economy, population, resources, and environment.

Always benefiting all employees

The employees of us drive growth and create corporate value; therefore they should enjoy the fruits of the operation. The Group will adhere to employee-oriented principles which aim to realize and safeguard the fundamental interests of employees. All activities are intended to enhance employee welfare and improve their working and living conditions, allowing them to work and live with pleasure.


Forge ahead for excellence

Forge ahead :  persistent pursuit, bravely transforming, accepting innovation, thriving on change
For excellence :  Pursuing goals beyond self-realization, diligently aiming for higher goals


For the benefit of employees  :  to improve the living standards of employees; to provide a good working environment for the employees; to improve the qualifications and skills of employees; to provide a platform for employees to realize self-development and show their value.
Dedicated to society  :  no expectation of equal return and rewards; devoted to the betterment of society.

Diligence, responsibility, integrity, cooperation

Diligence :  to work hard, be effective and efficient, seek truth and respect the objective laws.
Responsibility : the Group is responsible for offering excellent products and service to society; employees devote themselves to the Group with dedication and responsibility and possess a hard-working spirit.
Integrity : keep promises and fulfill responsibilities.
Cooperation : to achieve goals there should be cooperation among employees and internal departments and enterprises; to combine skills and capacities to maximize yield; to inspire each other and to make common progress.

Security concept : the supremacy of life and security
Business philosophy : developing with honest operations and high quality
Environmental philosophy : respecting nature and pursuing natural harmony
Human resource concept : attracting capable staff and granting proper rights
Management concept : managing based on institutions and systems, emphasizing details
Innovative ideas : keeping pace with the times and being innovative