Soy wax

Soy wax

Chemical name: soy wax

Items Specification Result
Acid value(mgKOH/g) 0.9max 0.85
Peroxide number(mmol/kg) 3.9max 3.5
Moisture(%) 0.05max 0.04
Color(Lovibond, 133.4mm cell) 3.0R max 3.0R
Meilting point(°C) 42-54 42-54
Appearance Fine and white at room tempreture, yellowish clear liquid when heating to melt, no odor and impurity Complies
Ingredient 100% hydrogenated vegetable oil without mineral wax Complies
Shelf life 2 years

Appearance: white flakes/lump

Storage:store in cool and dry place

HS Code: 1521100090

Appearance description: Fine white solid at room temperature; light yellow, limpid and transparent when melted by heating; no peculiar smell, no impurity



Packing: 20kg/ carton/25kg bag

Application: It can be used to make candles (cup wax, mixed wax) , crayon and so on.